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Hand Sanitizer Spray Glass Travel Bottle

Hand Sanitizer Spray Glass Travel Bottle
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This handy travel hand sanitizer is in a spray bottle form of 2 oz.  

Made and bottled in Louisiana.  

Refill bottles of 16 are also available for purchase.  

Sanitizer is formulated to have 66% alcohol and each batch is measured with an alcohol hydrometer for accuracy. The alcohol is effective in killing viruses, including COVID-19 because it destroys the cell walls and membranes of bacterial cell and the envelope of viruses. There are other hand sanitizers that do not contain alcohol but they are much less effective at killing viruses.

We are trying to reduce our plastic use where we can, when it is reasonable for us to do so, so we opted for glass bottles for our travel size containers. 

Each purchase also donates to to help in reforestation efforts.

We added glycerin, aloe, and rosemary and peppermint essential oils to combat drying of the skin and leave behind a pleasant aroma. After all, peace of mind is not something to sneeze at...see what I did there?

🌿‣ Our formula is based on several lab studies that outline the requirements for an effective germ killing formula including the WHO recommended formula which specifies that an effective hand sanitizer should have between 60% and 70% alcohol.

🌿‣ Liquid Spray Ingredients: Isopropyl Alcohol 99%, purified water, Hydrogen Peroxide, plant-based glycerin, aloe juice, and a Cake Face blend of rosemary and peppermint essential oils. Heart and soul.

🌿‣ Container and lid colors may vary from what is represented in the picture only because there is such limited supply from the manufacturers at this time.

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